As our slogan suggests, this Cryptocurrency was built for the community and by the community. We fully intend to implement the best practices, safe, fast, and secure transactions. Using the Kimoto Gravity Well, assures, that this coin is as fair as it is beautiful & practical. There are plenty of pump and dump coins out there. We simply do not believe in this get rich fast attitude. We are developing an Android game that will reward RainbowGoldCoin to Top Scores once per hour, with weekly, or even monthly Top Score Bonus's. It will have Facebook and Twitter integration, it will also be innovative and fun. I am also working on a Super Top Secret Website, not even my team knows about it. Why? Because I want this Crypto Coin to succeed. For you, for me, and for the Community! I pledge RainbowGoldCoin to you and to the world. There is more than enough coin to support an economy of Crypto!

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